The Blender Workshop

with Jonna

In Blender class we notice the random happenings of the present moment (both inside us and in the room) and we follow them. This is our source for creative play.

There’s no experience necessary, just an interest in playing and an openness to jumping in.

Jonna’s exercises,
prompts, and loving guidance empower you to

Enjoy your creativity

Trust your creativity and

Share your creativity!

We celebrate you with Gusto!

There’s connection with other players!

Unbridled joviality and other emotions!

Bring pen and paper for writing.

Wear comfortable clothes.

The space is carpeted; we will remove our shoes.

We will have breaks, and you can bring nibbles, which we can enjoy outside the studio.

Nothing to fear, nothing to learn, just tapping into our immediate raw awesomeness.

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