Jonna’s Body Movie (Group Licenses)


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Why A Screening Fee?

All screenings (other than individual home use) require a license, and we offer many license options.

We ask that you please respect our copyright so that we can continue to share the Jonna’s Body message of hope and joy with the world. All license fees go toward repayment of production costs, compensating the filmmakers (who deferred their salaries and have not been paid), distribution costs and website maintenance.

We’ve tried to offer licensing options to satisfy a variety of uses, based on the requests we’ve received. If you don’t see an option that’s right for you, please contact us. We’ll work it out!

We don’t want our prices to inhibit community or institutional screenings of Jonna’s Body, Please Hold. If you have prohibitive financial constraints, please contact us to discuss options. We’d love to work with you!

Product Description

Price includes DVD, license and Discussion Kit.

If admission is charged for the screening, the licensing fee is as above or 40% of gross ticket sales, whichever is greater (Start by purchasing the license. We will send you instructions and forms to complete any outstanding balance based on ticket sales.)

Multiple screenings: If you’d like to screen Jonna’s Body, Please Hold more than once, please contact us. Depending on audience size, additional screenings are usually arranged at 50% off the original rate or may be waived altogether.