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Audience member viewing the Girl ManifestoAbout the Show!

Jonna’s brand new live performance takes us to the not too distant future, where ‘looking good’ isn’t just for fun, it’s the law. While everyone’s falling into glossy uniformity, one woman does the unthinkable – she stops wearing makeup. It’s outrageous! It’s heresy! And when the authorities find out, it’s all out war. Find out what happens when one woman dares to feel fine just the way she is.

An uproarious look at our kooky notions of body image, coming to love a body after cancer treatment, defying the Image Police, and freeing your inner renegade.

Audience Comments

“The makeup/dressing ritual was hilarious, both in the writing and your performance.”

Book a Performance

Bring Girl Manifesto to your event. The manifesto can be performed in almost any venue. Here are the specs we prefer, but we’re flexible. Let’s talk!

  • Stage: A sturdy, well lit stage or performance area of at least 12′ x 12′ (20′x20′ is preferred)
  • Set: please provide a sturdy, armless chair. Wide seat if possible. Unupholstered if possible.
  • Lighting: No special lighting needed, but it works best if the stage area is brightly lit from the front. (Performances in hotel ballrooms: it’s best to supplement the overhead lighting with a free-standing stage light, especially for large groups).
  • Sound: The show has many sound and musical cues. You’ll need to provide a sound system with the ability to connect a small four channel mixing board for the microphone and mp3 player.
  • Microphone: We provide a wireless, over-the-ear (Madonna) mic.
  • Other stuff: Whenever possible, please provide a private dressing room or ‘green room’ for use before and after the performance.

No videotaping, recording, web or broadcasting of the performance is permitted.