Helen Parks is a lonely, prim woman, used to saying ‘no’ – in her job and in her social life. As she idly gazes at the employee bulletin board one day, a message suddenly appears: what if she just said ‘yes’?

It’s a revelation. But once she starts she can’t stop, and Helen is swept away on a dark adventure when she says ‘yes’, literally, to everything.

Film Festivals

  • Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Film Festival
  • Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
  • Baltimore Women’s Film Festival
  • Landlocked Film Festival
  • Big Bear International Film Festival


Director: Brooks Tomb
Producers: Jonna Tamases, Brooks Tomb
Writer: Jonna Tamases
Editor: David S. Clark, Jonna Tamases
Cinematographer: Dee Nichols
Original Music: Stacey K. Black

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