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Tales By The Sea Spring Home Concert (stories for grown-ups)

“Our Folks: Fathers, Mothers, and Others”

Be we African-American, Polish, Cuban-Irish, Jewish, Asian, or other,
we have ‘em – parents!

Seven tellers share their stories:

Gisele Nett, lovable optimist and clown-nouveau, a button designer from Hamburg, Germany. With an adorably kooky take on life she shares a sweet, funny story about her mom: “Funny Lady Mama Mine”.

Marion Hinton, founding member of Women’s Voices, a professional storytelling ensemble, actor, and retired librarian. She brings us a story rooted in family: “Dinners at Home”.

Carlos Kotkin, ten-time Moth storyslam winner, featured on KCRW’s UnFictional and the podcast Risk, and author of recently published Please God Let It Be Herpes: A Heartfelt Quest for Love and Companionship.

Carl Kozlowski, entertainment reporter, web-radio host, film critic, storyteller, and winner of the Laugh Factory’s “America’s Funniest Reporter” contest, shares a memory of his Mom: “My Mom’s Idea of Adventure Travel”.

Jude Narita, producer and storyteller, illuminates her relationship with her Mom in a story spanning decades with “The Give-Away”.

Monica Piper, nominated as one of the top five female comedians in the country, returns with a story of her father.

Antonio Sacre, storyteller, author, and solo performer, has won Best in Fringe Festival awards for his solo performances at the New York City International Fringe Theater Festival and travels the country telling and giving workshops. He shares a story of the Other, those who often stand in loco parentis.

Saturday, May 19th 7 p.m.

Admission is without charge.

Questions or RSVP to ann.buxie1@verizon.net or 310-457-2385, Rick and Ann Buxie