Jonna’s Body, Please Hold has been selected by the BF advisory as a Best of the Breast (Thanks BF!). We believe it embodies the festivals’ mission to present the breast cancer experience in a new light, to showcase the voices of young women and to incorporate various art forms. Plus, it’s laugh out loud funny!

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Enter the wild world of Jonna’s Body, where sassy receptionist Pearl fields calls from a parade of quirky body parts, including Sgt. Coif leading a head full of unruly troops; Upper Back, frantically knotted and uptight; and Uta and Ula, begging to be released from their brassiere imprisonment! It’s business as usual until two nasty intruders move in, killers who will stop at nothing to take over. Suddenly the offbeat citizens of Jonna’s Body are thrown into their greatest battle ever, the fight to save Jonna’s life.

Told through tour de force comedic writing matched by a visual world of sumptuous vibrancy and playfulness, Jonna’s Body, Please Hold shines equal parts light and dark, at once hilarious and deeply moving.

This screening will be followed by a short Q&A with Actress, Writer, and Producer, Jonna Tamases.

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