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Hi everyone!

We recently had a performance of The Gisele Show at Belding High School in Belding, Michigan. I was the cancer keynote speaker featured during their Cancer Awareness Week.

In particular, I always love being a motivational speaker for youth audiences, especially adolescents, teenage girls, and young women. Why? Body image and body acceptance! Holla if you’re happy with your body! (Hey, why’d it get so quiet out there?)

belding-gisele-IMG_2586Kids get overwhelmed with media images and messages about what their bodies are ‘supposed’ to look like. I shudder to think about all the pressure put on them to achieve and maintain some completely unrealistic and damaging physical ‘ideal’.

That’s why I love sharing The Gisele Show with them. Yeah, a funny, REAL story about my cancer experience, with a focus on body acceptance after my mastectomies. And there I am, standing on stage in live performance, with my boy-chest (clothed, of course; it’s not that kind of show!). What!?? You mean a woman can be happy and creative without double D’s??!!! It’s true!

My secret plan is that by wrapping that message in a funny, fast paced, upbeat show, I can sneak in some self-acceptance to the kids in the house. So, shhhhh, Holla quiet!

Lots of love,