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We recently had a performance of The Gisele Show at a Cancer Survivor celebration event, where I was the featured speaker.

What I love about Survivor events is the change in the audience from BEFORE I perform to AFTER I perform. Beforehand, everyone’s coming in, taking a seat. Often folks are tired from their treatment, perhaps emotionally tired, too. Also, maybe they’re a little guarded. “What exactly are we going to see?”

This is totally understandable. I have been there; I TOTALLY get it.

IMG_1006-gisele-dance-squareThen I got going on stage, doing the show. I could feel the audience start to relax. I could feel them enjoying Gisele, relating to the stories, and enjoying the freedom to laugh and giggle. From up on stage it felt like we were all on a cool ride together.

By the end of the show, it was like a whole new crowd had replaced the old one! People were smiling, laughing, hugging me on the way out, sharing their own stories with me and with each other. We were together in warmth and connectedness. It’s a great experience, and I feel so lucky I get to be with audiences in that way.

Here are some of the great and happy audience comments I’ve gotten about The Gisele Show.

It’s so funny! You are amazing! – Estela Riela

Amazing. So amazing. Such a great show and such a crowd pleaser. Truly, you have a gift, and Gisele is a gift to us all. – Jon Stahl

Your show was brilliant. – George Finley

I need to see that show again !! I laughed until my belly hurt, and then I laughed some more !! – Melissa Maki

Very inspiring and refreshing! Lightheartedness, amazing stage presence…a great character. – Roxanne Abell

Your creativity and colorful imagination inspire me to reconnect with my own gifts. – Eleta Engelbrecht

The Gisele Show is impishly delightful and heart-warming. Jonna’s performance glows with authenticity. – Diana Fowler

The Gisele Show is simply delightful, sweet and so funny. Loved it. I would recommend Jonna to anyone. She is quite talented and very refreshing to watch. – Francine Zorehkey

Thanks, everybody! Yay, I love you, too!

Love, Jonna

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