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marybeth-sylvania-20130604-1998_1370428519I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, one of the things I love best about being a keynote cancer speaker is ‘communing’ with other survivors after my performance. Hearing their stories is so moving. And so often they tell me how empowered they feel after watching my performance, which just makes me so happy.

Recently in Sylvania, OH, I met one wonderful lady, Mary Beth. She let me pet her incredibly soft, newly-growing-back hair. That was a treat. I could have rubbed her head all day!

Mary Beth also wrote about the performance for her blog: http://www.1015theriver.com/pages/Mary-Beths-Journey.html?article=11355802. Thank you, Mary Beth!

I’m sorry that it’s the bummer of cancer that compels us, but I’m thrilled to be brought together in love and understanding. I love the cancer community!