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We love bringing our shows wherever we’re invited, which means we often travel – all over the country and world, performing at cancer survivor events and oncology nurses events, at colleges, and in theaters.

When clients book us, they often wonder, “How does the travel work?” Here’s how!

Seagulls outside our Vancouver hotel
Seagulls outside our Vancouver hotel

If you’re close enough, we drive. Farther locations require a round-trip flight (we fly coach, of course!). We make sure to book the travel as early as possible, to find the cheapest flight. We’ve also taken buses and trains – whatever works.

When we fly out to you, we’ll also need some ground transportation (to and from the airport, to and from the venue), and a night’s accommodations (sometimes two nights, depending on the schedule of the flights and performance). Usually that’s a local hotel, though we’ve also stayed in guesthouses, dorms, even an RV. Whatever works!

We like to make things easy and affordable for our clients. To minimize travel costs you can

  • Have someone (a supporter, someone in your organization) donate frequent flier miles to cover the flight costs or hotel room.
  • Ask the local hotel to donate our stay to your charity.
  • Consider teaming with other cancer centers in your area/state, and we can arrange a multi-city trip. We’ve done multi-city trips (driving ourselves between towns) in Montana, Michigan, Florida and New Zealand.
  • Have members of your organization assist with our ground transportation (pick up/drop off to the airport; pick up/drop off to the performance venue; food procurement if necessary).

We’re open to creative travel ideas. Like I say: whatever works!

Love, Jonna

At the immaculate reception in Pittsburgh
At the immaculate reception in Pittsburgh