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Hi everyone. Ellen here, booking assistant at Mad Lively. We just had a call from a nurse event coordinator on the planning committee for a cancer survivor celebration at her hospital, and looking for a keynote speaker. She said, “At past events we’ve always invited a doctor to speak, but audience feedback is that the doctors’ presentations were…em..er…a little dry.” (she was so sweet as she said this, of course not wanting to badmouth our beloved doctors!)

On the other hand, she said she’d looked at various comedians, but a regular entertainer doesn’t necessarily speak to the cancer community.

Hers is not an uncommon situation – how best to balance a slate of speakers? You want to include doctors, whose information about the technical and biological aspects of cancer can be vital to understanding the disease and assisting cancer fighters in making their treatment decisions.

Birmingham-Oct-07But you also want something entertaining and uplifting, even happy. And that still relates to cancer survivors and cancer fighters.

She was delighted to have found “Jonna’s Body, Please Hold” online. The show is a perfect Keynote address or addition to a conference lineup of technical speakers. It presents the patient’s perspective, Jonna’s cancer journey, in a funny, touching, theatrical show. Jonna is a virtuoso performer, and her blending of comedy with heartfelt moments, telling a true story in a completely entertaining way, is always a huge hit with audiences.

The perfect balance!

Watch the Jonna’s Body play trailer