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Where can a person find meaningful, real greeting cards to send to someone going through cancer???

There’s a line in my play “Jonna’s Body, Please Hold” where I make fun of those horrible greeting cards – the ones with a picture of a kitten clinging for life:


“Hang in there, Baby!”

So NOT an inspiring card.

In contrast, at a recent performance I met Paul Storm, owner of Luap Ink. They make a line of wonderful greeting cards that are WARM and REAL.  No forced sunniness, but real, loving sentiments for people going through real challenges.

Cards like this one:


Inside it says:

I am so sorry this is happening
to you and your family.
I want to help
you get through this
any way I possibly can.
When I say that,
I sincerely mean it.

Or this one:


And inside it says:

These are
my birthday wishes
for you.
Happy Birthday!

Or even this one:


Which says inside,

I am thankful
that at least
we had a chance
to say good bye.

Wow, that’s heavy stuff, but so very honest. I appreciate that.

Anyhoodles, you can check out Luap’s entire selection, and buy cards online at: www.luapink.com

With great love,