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Thanks for checking out my new show, “The Gisele Show!” We’ve specifically created a version of “The Gisele Show!” for the Cancer Community – patients and survivors, their families and friends, health care workers, doctors and nurses.

pink-ribbonIn this show I become the loveable and kooky Gisele Nett, an honest optimist from Germany, weaving her charming tales, sketches, and assorted absurdistry. Gisele is a cancer survivor, too, and the show includes tales of her cancer journey, her double mastectomy, and coming to terms with her treatment-altered body – themes relevant to the Cancer Community.

If you’ve enjoyed “Jonna’s Body, Please Hold,” you’ll love “The Gisele Show!”, too. It has similar themes, and is a completely new and different show that you can proudly share with audiences who’ve already enjoyed “Jonna’s Body.” If you’ve never seen “Jonna’s Body,” check it out as well as “The Gisele Show!” Both are perfect for Cancer Community events of all kinds. Both are warm, funny, and inspiring, and will leave your audience feeling enlivened, moved, and joyful.

Contact us with any questions. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Compare the two shows:

“Jonna’s Body, Please Hold” “The Gisele Show”
Running Time Flexible: 45 min – 1 hour Flexible: 30 min – 1 hour
Style Jonna as many characters Jonna as one character, in many contexts
Story Jonna’s cancer journey, told from the point of view of her body, which is like a hotel filled with all sorts of body-part tenants. While competing on a TV game show, sweet/silly Gisele recounts stories from her life, including her breast cancer and treatment and adjusting to her new body.
Technical Needs 12’x12’ front-lit performing space
Lavaliere Mic
Armless Chair
Optional: sound system for audio cues
12’x12’ front-lit performing space
Lavaliere Mic
Sound system for audio cues
Great for Audiences Cancer community events of all kinds
Survivor celebrations
Support Groups
Medical conferences
Doctor and Nurse groups (patients perspective)
Medical students
Empathy training
More details Click for webpage Click for webpage
“Jonna’s Body, Please Hold” “The Gisele Show”