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Just had a wonderful time performing “The Gisele Show – Symphony in Be Flat” for all the sorority women at Cal State Fullerton. The organizers wanted a show that focuses on Body Image, which you know is one of my favorite topics (I’ve spoken about it also in my blog, “Funny Motivational Speaker for Girls, Women and Body Image”) – something to counter the flood of media messages that make people fret about their appearance. Let’s see if we can remove some of that fretting, you beautiful people!

Standing on stage it was amazing to look out on these seven hundred gorgeous gals, women full of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm, each person with her unique gifts. It was great to be able to entertain them with a gentle reminder that real power has nothing to do with appearance. I became ‘Gisele’, and shared stories of my cancer and mastectomies and being addicted to make up, and how I came to love my body as it is. All with Gisele’s signature style, with jokes and laughs throughout, not to mention my crazy dance moves!

Afterward, I got to chat with some of the women one-on-one, hearing about their struggles with ‘appearance pressure’. I love giving them a glimpse of the incredible beauty, talent, and potential within them, and seeing the profound joy on their faces when they see that glimpse, and how good they feel about themselves. Yeah, that’s right, you’re stunning.

Onward, beautiful everybody!